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The team at BODYwork sf is dedicated to your health and overall well-being. Our staff is professional and highly experienced, yet completely down-to-earth. They come to us with a thorough fitness education, mandatory national certifications, notable experience, and stellar recommendations from past employers and clients alike. Bodywork sf prides itself on having some of the best trainers in the bay area. Check out their bios, at left, for more details.

Nilu Rafsanjani

Owner/Personal Trainer
I believe that nothing feels as good as being strong and confident about your body. Being fit means being the strongest you can be at any given point of your life, feeling great about the way your body moves and being proud of the effort you put into your health. It is hard work and I love helping my clients reach their goals and making it fun the whole way. I use all the tools in my arsenal to keep your workouts challenging and give your body no chance to plateau. Fitness is being able to lift, lug, run, sprint, haul, crawl, twist, and shake without injury. Getting up doing it all again tomorrow with a smile on your face!

Casey Cowell

Owner/Personal Trainer
B.S. Kinesiology from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
NASM Certified Personal Trainer
Pre/Post-Natal Certified
Integrated Stretch Certification
10 years experience as a personal trainer

Deanna Brolly

Personal Trainer/Yoga Instructor/Thai Massage Therapist
Deanna Brolly, Fitness Specialist and owner of Just Move Fitness is a genuine personal training program designed for the individual in mind. One trainer, one individual with a multitude of health & wellness options tailored specifically to health, fitness and life-balance. Just Move Fitness services are available by appointment at BODYwork SF or take one of Deanna's classes at Union Yoga (

Luis Andarcia

Personal Trainer
USA Triathlon Coach
Mobile: 415.335.8471
ACSM Personal Trainer USA Triathlon Coach Mad Dogg Athletics Spinning Instructor TRX Certified Trainer KBOX Round II Certified Instructor Bike Fitter (Road cycling and Time Trial)

Luis, a competitive amateur triathlete, and masters swimmer for 20 years. Participated in over 100 events from Iron distance triathlons to open water swims and super sprints.

Gina Levesque

Personal Trainer / Pilates Instructor
"Gina Levesque is a NASM certified personal training and Pilates instructor who began her fitness career in 2006. She is a professional dancer who focuses on core stability, balance and strength with her clients. As a mother of two, Gina loves working with prenatal and postnatal women. She is NASM certified women's fitness specialist and senior fitness specialist, as well as a certified Corrective Exercise Specialist. She holds a BFA in Dance from the University of California, Santa Barbara with a minor in exercise and sports science."

Christina Yahraes

Personal Trainer
Getting ready for a wedding…race…vacation…reunion? What about a night out? We’re always getting ready for something & there is no better time than the present, to be ready, to feel good. With 7 years of experience as a personal trainer, it is my job to help you maximize your potential & achieve your fitness goals by designing efficient workouts & mapping out your road to success!
University of California at Santa Barbara,
Business/Exercise Health Science
National Academy of Sports Medicine, Certified Personal Trainer
Stretch, Advanced Sports Fitness, Optimum Performance Training for the Prenatal Client, Youths, and Seniors
Lifetime of Activity, Gymnastics, Soccer, Water-Skiing, Snowboarding, Hiking, Spinning, Races…

Carl Alexander

Personal Trainer & Clinical Massage Therapist
From his undergraduate degree, his national certifications and license in bodywork, and his 13 years of experience working as a coach, trainer and bodyworker, Carl has a deep understanding of the body, both injury treatment & prevention, and achieving high level of results. Training and competing in team sports though high school, college, and after, Carl realized the relationship between program design, proper nutrition, and sufficient rest to meet the demands at a high level of competition. He adopts this balanced approach with with his personal training & bodywork clients so they can quickly experience results and continue to see them week after week. Carl is a rare breed of health professional that has the knowledge, expertise, and experience of both athletic coaching and and structural bodywork to meet all of your wellness needs.


Certified ART® Provider
Performance Enhancement Specialist, The National Strength and Conditioning Association
CAMTC Certified Massage Therapist
Certified Master NKT™ Practitioner
Certified P-DTR® Practitioner and Instructor
Certified Functional Movement Systems (FMS) Professional
Nutritional Science Degree, Bachelor of Science, Rutgers University


​P-DTR​ is a product of the original thought and investigations of orthopedic surgeon Dr. José Palomar. The technique addresses musculoskeletal problems by addressing dysfunction in the body's receptor system. If you consider bone, muscle, ligaments and tendon the "hardware" of the body, the receptor system is the "software". Breakdowns in the software of the body can result in chronically weak or chronically tensed muscle showing up as pain or difficulty in movement. P-DTR is a unique system that give results quickly and in many cases permanently.


​Neurokinetic Therapy is a method of structural bodywork which addresses compensations of the body, clears those patterns, and rebuilds proper motor programs governing coordinated movement. NKT uses muscle testing to asses specific imbalances and dysfunctional relationships within coordination patterns.

Matt Noble

Personal Trainer
With the rise in obesity and sedentary lifestyles I believe that fitness needs to become a priority for everyone, not just so they can look good now but also to be able to stay active later in life. That's the mentality I take into every workout. I'm not just going to challenge you to make you stronger or have better endurance, but I will also challenge your range of motion and flexibility so that your joints will build strength and integrity and allow you to move and feel better. It is not only HOW you workout your body, but WHAT you put into your body that going to get your the results you want. You cannot out work bad nutrition. To help with nutrition I am certified with PrecisionNutrition. This is a way to look at your eating habits and make small adjustments at a time so you don't get overwhelmed with a complete overhaul of your diet. Fitness should be a fun and interactive challenge, and that's what I bring to my clients.


BS Exercise Physiology from CSU Chico
NCSF Certified Trainer
TRX Suspension Trainer Certified
TRX Rip Trainer Certified
TRX Force Certified
PrecisionNutrition Sport and Exercise Certified

Dan Gatta

Personal Trainer

Health & Performance Strategist (Mind, Body, & Nutrition) Dan enjoys helping others unlearn old habits and unlock their wellness to live healthier and happier. He has led countless TRX boot camps, group trainings, and personal training transformation programs. His focus is geared toward functional training, strength circuits, and HIIT intervals to supercharge your metabolism to work for you. His biggest reward is seeing clients jump on the horse and never turn back. Dan believes strongly in the importance of whole food nutrition and the inner game to sustain a lean, fit, and happy life. Education/Certifications B.S. University of California, Davis NASM CPT, CES, FNS TRX Suspension Certified

Rachel Mandeville

Personal Trainer

I believe in empowering people with the knowledge to live their happiest, healthiest life full of energy. Moving well and moving often are my main priorities with clients. By mapping out measurable goals and focusing on the clients needs, I set up an all encompassing program that is attainable for the client as well as fun. I'm very passionate about helping clients reach their goals and seeing them succeed. My all encompassing approach and support leaves clients clear and confident as to the steps necessary to reach success. Education: Bachelors of Science in Exercise Science ACSM Personal Trainer Certified Functional Strength Coach TRX Functional Training TRX Suspension Training TRX Group Training TRX RIP Training Schwinn Cycling Contact:

Pamela Burdak

Personal Trainer

Pamela Burdak
Certified Personal Trainer: NASM & ACE
Fitness Nutrition Specialist
Behavior Change Specialist

Pamela has been training since 2004. She specializes in designing fitness programs that are as unique as each of her clients. Her programs address not only her clients' bodies and goals, but also their lifestyles. By using a practical, holistic approach that includes nutrition, sleep hygiene, and habit restructuring as well as customized exercises, these programs produce results that are at once dramatic and sustainable.

Whether her clients are preparing for a major life event--a wedding, a pregnancy or birth, a marathon--or are simply taking steps to improve their general fitness and health, Pamela aspires to help her clients surpass their goals by developing a strong vitality and connection to their bodies. For more information as well as client testimonials, please visit

Nick Cruze D.C., C.S.C.S.


Nick Cruze is a Bay Area native that has devoted his life to healthy living. At a young age a traumatic incident left a close family member nearly paralyzed. Along side his family, he participated in the rehabilitation process and was forever fascinated by the capacity and resilience of the human body. This inspired Nick to focus his energies on earning his Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology at California State University East Bay. He then trained as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. Nick then went on to complete a Doctorate program in Chiropractic at Palmer College of Chiropractic West in San Jose, CA. These days Nick offers his Chiropractic services right here at Body Work SF. Nick loves to direct his attention to helping others in his community realize the incredible capability of their bodies. 

"I’ve spent years studying how our bodies work. I look forward to giving you the tools to optimize your body’s potential. Getting you Feeling, Looking and Moving your best is what I love to do.” –Nick 

Nicholas Cruze D.C., C.S.C.S.
1528 Union St. 
San Francisco CA 94123
Phone: (415) 236-1810
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